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The Other Side of Mr. Subandi

Faculty of Humanities at Jenderal Soedirman University has several majors, one of the major is indonesian education. In this occasion I have opportunity to do interview with head of department Indonesian education, he is Mr. Drs. Subandi, M.Pd.

 As a head of department he has a lot of duties that he has to do and responsible it, such as:
  1. To coordinate learning activity (how to preparing for lectures, doing evaluation, uploading the marks), providing services to students in order not encounter obstacles in learning activity.
  2. To conducting academic guidance.
  3. To coordinate the implementation of the research for lecturers (they have to report it to the head of department).
  4. To coordinate the implementation of community service

As a head of department, Mr. Subandi also has some difficulties. The common problems that he often experienced are there must be lecturers who didn’t attend meeting (program which already prepared can’t be realize because they didn’t know the information about it), the implementation of the activity is not match even it is not as he hopes), he believes that every problem can be solved. To solve that problem, he communicates with them as well as possible even it is not easy as we thought. But Mr. subandi always has so many ways to build a good communication with them. Mr. subandi said that he always enjoy his duties no matter how many problems that he has, he always think that every problem can be solved. Become a head of department, he has some dreams for the major indonesian education, so that it can develop faster, such as:
  1. All the lecturers can arrange the SAP as good as possible
  2. All facilities and infrastructures can be provided (to support learning process).
  3.  In doing the field practice can cooperate with department of national education,but the obstacle is education’s major have not have their own faculty yet, so the cost for field practice is still depends on the faculty that they are shelter. Therefore, it is better if each education’s major that spread in Jenderal Soedirman University can have their own faculty (Faculty of Education).

This man who was born in Banyumas, 10 April 1959 graduated from State University of Yogyakarta and he took indonesian education for his bachelor, and he took master of indonesian education for his postgraduate at Indonesian Education University.

When he was kid he never thought that he would be a lecturer. His hobby is reading books or articles that related with Indonesian Education, and he also likes to  help each other.  He has two children, both of them are males. The first child already married and the second child still study and took mechanical enginering. He never force his children to choose the major as what he wants. He educates his children by acting. He do something good to be emulated by his children. For example when he wants his chiildren pray, he pray well to be emulated them. He thought that the duty of educating children by talking and advising is the duty of his wife.

He does not limit his children to be like him in the future as a lecturer. He gave his children freedom to determine their future. He just wants his children to be useful for others.

He thought that educating children and students are equally difficult. It depends on the perspective and interests of factors.  As the head of the family, he has duty to educate children so that the children become useful and responsible man.  As a lecturer he educates students to be good students and diligent students. He     hopes his children to be useful to himself, his family and other people.

Senin, 23 Mei 2016

Book Review: Hujan by Tere Liye

Tittle                     : Hujan
Author                  : Tere Liye
Page                     : 320 pages
Publisher               : PT. Gramedia Pustaka Utama

Hujan is one of novel from Tere Liye, as we know Tere Liye is one of famous author in Indonesia. She has been wrote so many novels with different genres.

This novel recites about a girl (Lail) who comes to Nerve Center Hospital to erases her memory about rain. This novel tells about our life in (2042-2050) when technology has developed very advance. In this era there are cars which can fly, tablets which very thin (as thin as HVS paper), communication devices implanted in our hands, taxi which there is no driver (it can be drive by itself). When Lail 13 years old a big disaster happened, an old volcano erupt and it causing an earthquake measuring 10 on the richter scale and tsunami. When the disaster strikes Lail and her mother are in subway it’s her first day school. Lail, her mom, and the other victims run towards to the emergency stairs. As they were climbing the stairs, there was an aftershock. Her mother fall, and died. Fortunately, there is a boy 15 years old who catches Lail’s bag and  lifted upward  her body. The boy introduces his name, Esok. Esok experiencing similar thing with Lail, he has 4 brother and it’s their first time school too, but now they are died. They walk very far to Esok’s house, they hope Esok’s mother still alive. When they arrived, the condition of his house already collapse, but his mother still alive. They bring his mother to the hospital, unfortunately both her legs has to be amputated. Lail and Esok have to living in camps. In the camps they help the marines and volunteers, they live in the camps for several months, when the condition of the city is getting well, Esok has to be adopted by the Mayor and they should be separated because Lail also has to live in the Social Homes. In the Social Homes, Lail gets a roommate who very unique, she has frizzy hair, she is very cheerful, her name is Mariam.  Esok and Lail are busy with their own affairs, they just meet once in a month. In each meeting Esok always brings Lail to the emergency stair’s hole by his red’s bicycle, there are a lot of memories for them. Several years later, Esok has to move to the capital city, as he is accepted into one of the top university there. It means they can’t meet once a month, they can only meet once a year. The climate changes, the temperature in almost all over the world always decrease. Lail and Mariam become volunteers, beside of to helping people Lail becomes a volunteer also to forget about Esok who never contacts her. Several years later, Lail gets information that Esok will be graduated from his collage. Lail and Mariam going to the capital city to attend Esok’s graduation, but Lail feels upset when he goes there instead Esok ignores her. The next day Lail decided to go back home, but Esok already in train station to say sorry for ignored her in his graduation’s day. Lail and Mariam graduate from their school, and they decided to enter Nursing School. They are being good students there, they always get good marks and they managed to graduate from nursing school. Esok become a popular scientist and it makes them really hard to meet. One day, Esok meets Lail and tell them about what exactly happened with the earth. He told that the temperature in the earth will be always increase and it can be burn us, scientists includes him have been made 4 planes to go to the space. But each plane only carry 10.000 passengers. Esok has 2 tickets for it, but he doesn’t tell Lail who will get 1 ticket which Esok has. The mayor asks Lail to give her ticket that probably Esok’s gives to her , He asks Lail to give it for his daughter, Claudia. Lail doesn't know what she has to say. The next day, the Mayor thanks to her, he thought that Lail gives her ticket for Claudia. Even Esok doesn’t tell anything about ticket, Lail really upset and jealous she thought that Esok and Claudia left her by that plane. Lail goes to the Nerve Center Hospital to erases her sad memories include memory about Esok. Mariam has been tried to stop her, but she ignores it. Mariam calls Esok and tells him about it, Esok doesn’t know what exactly happened and he tells that he gives the tickets for Claudia and her Mother. Esok goes to the hospital immediately to stop Lail, he managed to stop Lail and tells the truth about it. Several times later Lail and Esok get married.


This novel is really attractive. Honestly, when I first read this novel I get bored for I thought this story only about 2 children who survived from disaster and they will become siblings. But I was wrong, this novel is not only about it. This novel tells the story of love, friendship, loyalty, and sacrifice. I really like the part when Mariam and Lail have to run for about 50km to inform one of village that the dams will collapse soon and ask the people there to move to the safer place, how can two teenagers  do that? Even they don’t think about their safety. This novel is educated enough. Why I can say that? Because there are some parts which tell about how climate can be change because of human actions, and the impacts of disaster. This novel also teaches us to not give up even in the worse condition, we have to face it and keep going. So, I recommend you to read this novel, I guarantee that this novel is different than the others.

Selasa, 19 April 2016

SHORT STORY: Real or Unreal?

My name is Georgia but people just call me Gia. I am a student in Global Education senior high school, it one of outstanding school in London. I have 2 best friends, they are Alexa and Dior. We have been friends since elementary school and now we have already senior high school student,  we are always in the same school even in the same class. It is because my dad is the owner of all the schools that we attended. For your information that we have never been courting, but it does not mean that we are not pretty. I’ve ever been a winner in beauty contest, Dior has been a cover girl in one of teen magazine, and Alexa? She is a girl of Dutch and Indian descent, her mother is from Netherland and her father is from India, of course she is very pretty. We made a deal not to having boyfriend before graduating from high school.

(kriiiingg...kriiinggg... the bell is ringing, it’s time to break)

“Ohhh finally, this suffering ends! I’ve been starved for about two hours and I have to listen to the most boring teacher in this school!” Dior said. I and Alexa laugh, Dior always said that when physics lesson already completed. We go to the cafetaria shortly before she starts to talking like a parrot again.
We arrived in the cafetaria and we always sit in the same chair near the window. None of the students who dared to occupy our seats it is bacause I am the daughter of the owner in this school, yeah  right, I am little bit arrogant so there is no students who dare to me. But, who cares? I have everything that I need, I have two best friends, my life is very wealthy, and my parents always give everything that I want. It  is more than enough to me.

Hey I need a new dress for the inauguration of the restaurant that my daddy founded tonight, and  you guys have to accompany me after the school later” I said.

Wait..wait.. Accompany you? You know that there is no free in this world, I guess you know what I mean. Is it right? Alexa said, and followed by Dior’s laughter.

Well, these girls always do this to me when I ask them to accompany me to buy something, but I don’t mind. “Okay okay that’s fine! Each of you will get one dress, and you have to attend the inauguration too. By the way where should we go to buy it?” I said. Alexa advices us to go to the largest boutiqe in this city and we go there after the school.

(in inauguration party) all the invitees already come, including my two best friends and they wear the new dress which we bought today. “Check, check. Oh okay, thank you for your attention and I would like to say thank you so much to the invitees for taking your time to attend this event. In addition to the inauguration of this school I will announce that will inherit this restaurant and all my wealth is my own daughter, she is Georgia. Please come forward, my little girl.” My dad said. When I come forward to the stage suddenly my uncle Thomas come and surprise us because he is not included invited guest in this event. Actually, my uncle did not get along with my dad maybe that’s what caused him not invited and I hate him so much.

“Hallo Keane my lovely brother, it’s such a long time not to see you. I come here just want to remind you one thing. I announce that this girl is not worth to inherit all the wealth of my brother, because this girl is only an adopted child. More precisely, she is a maid’s child which ungrateful. She just wants to make my brother’s fortune alone, what a crafty you are.” Thomas said.

When I see my mom to ask the explanation she just nodding  her head and crying. Like my heart pierced with a knife, I can’t believe this is happened to me. I run out of the restaurant, I don’t care when my mom and dad call me. All I need now is back home and crying. After arrived at home, I go to my bedroom shortly and crying all night long till I fall asleep. The next day, I do not go to school. My mom knocked the door and I letting her go in, she tells everything about the truth.

“Honey, I think it’s time to you to know the truth about who exactly your parents. You are a maid’s child in this house, your mother was died when you were 6 months. Your mother had a mental disorder after your father left her and chose another woman when you were still in the womb of your mom.” Mom said

I  don’t even know what should I say, parents that I’ve been proud it turns out not my biological parents. I only a maid’s child who had a mental disorder. I hate my life! All I need now is my 2 best friends. I call Dior first, but there is no answer. Then I call Alexa but she rejects it, what’s going on with them? Ah, maybe they are too busy to answer my call, I will meet them tomorrow in the school. Next day in the school, yeah I decided to go to school today I don’t want to waste my tears anymore. It’s not as usual Dior and Alexa do not sit next to me, they sit in the back.

“Hey guys, where are you in two days? I’ve called you maybe 100 times in a day.” I said, but suddenly they go and leave me alone. I feel something wrong happened with them.
During the lessons I can’t stop to thinking about my 2 friends even when the break time they just go without speak anything to me. After school I wait for them in the parking lot to ask the explanation. They try to avoid me, but I managed to hold them. “we need to talk now, what exactly happened with you guys? After incident at the restaurant two days ago, both of you are totally different.” I said.

“Okay we will tell you the truth, we are not friends anymore. Do you think that a maid’s child deserve to be our friend?” Alexa said. “Oh my god Alexa, please!” Dior said. “No, we can’t hide this anymore, she has to know who she is now. We have been pretty patient to deal with her arrogant behavior, it is because we think that you are rich and a daughter from the owner of this school.” Alexa said.
How shock I am to hearing about Alexa explanation.  “Oh I see, for those of you friendship can be bought by money. Okay thank you for all the time that we spent together and thank you for have been fake friends to me. You both such a wily persons that I’ve ever met.” I said. I go to my car immediately as crying.

After the incident in parking lot i did not go to school again, I don’t want to see both of my ex friend anymore. I decided to ask my parents to send me to another school in a small village, although they initially objected I convince them that I will be alright finally, they agreed. I will start all over again. No more arrogant, no more fake friends, and no one should know about my real identity, they are not allow to know that I am a daughter of businessman who very rich. No, I mean, I just adopted child  of him. I am looking for a friend who earnestly wants to be friends with me no matter who I am how rich or poor I am.


Senin, 11 April 2016

Movie Review (the Divergent Series: Allegiant)

Beatrice Pior (Shailene Woodly), Tobias Four (Theo James), Caleb Prior (Ansel Elgort), Peter Hayez (Miles Teller), Christina (Zoe Kravitz), David (Jeff Daniels), Evelyn (Naomi watts), Johanna Reyes (Octavia Spencer), Matthew (Bill Skarsgard), Juanita (Nadia Helker), Edgar (Jonny Weston) etc.

Soundtrack: “Scars” by Tove Lo

Genre: science fiction, adventure, romance

Director: Robert Schwentke

Cinematography: Florian Ballhouse

Running time: 120 minutes

Budget: $110 million

Box Office: $ 141.4 million

This film is the continuance after revolution in "Insurgent". Tris, Four, Tory, Caleb, Christina, Peter have to leave the city to find a solution for their embroiled city before the condition getting worse by toward to the wall, but there are high voltage electricity flow in the wall. Tory is killed by Edgar (Evelyn’s accomplice) when they were already on the top of the wall. Although Tory was died, this group have to continue their journey. When Edgar still chasing them until behind the wall in a field, suddenly there are some armed forces and kill Edgar then arrest them. The armed forces bring them into the Bureau of Genetika Welfare  who chaired by David.  Five of them were sterilized from radiation and they were taken to the barrack. At the first time they thought that in Bureau they will get a better life, but at the end Four managed to uncover that David and his soldiers hurt the children by make them forget all the memories in their brains. When Four told it to Tris she does not believe it because David told  her that her mom was a volunteer from Bureau and ask her to do the same thing like her mom did before to  save the people of Chicago. When David bring Tris to meet the councils, finally she knows that David is crafty. Four decides to back to the Chicago to stop the war between Evelyn’s side and Johanna’s side, he escapes from Bureau and he is helped by Metthew but Four caught by Evelyn’s soldier. Tris, Christina and Caleb back to Chicago to help Four and the people of Chicago but, Peter did not come with them because he traitorous and favoring to David. Tris, Four, Christina, Caleb managed to stop the release of gas busting memory that will erase memories the people of Chicago.

 Allegiant is a sequel from Insurgent Movie which based on the third novel from Veronica Ruth. This film was released on 18 March, 2016 The casts of this film is still the same like the two previous films. This film is distributed by Summit Entertainment (lions gate entertainment) as we know the previous film was by Lions gate which distributed the Hunger Games and the other incredible films. Most of films that distribute by Lions gate usually success.

In this film there are a lot of surprises, for examples: when they know that David is crafty, peter becomes a traitor again, they help Evelyn etc. A good film is the film which has unpredictable of the story. The visual effects of this film is quite amazing such as, the lighting, the fighter, the building, blood rain etc. The difference between Allegiant with the other series is there are more scenes drama between Trice and Four it is good for you who like this couple. Although the revenue from this film is not as much as the two previous films it does not mean that this film is not good, this film is worth to watch. For you fans of Divergent Series I recommend you to watch this film because there will be the last sequel of Divergent Series that will release on 2017 it is “the Ascendant”. I hope the next sequel will be satisfying even more satisfying than this film. Happy watching!

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Dearest Mom

Even Dad
You can be everyone
But, no one can be like you

You can give everything that I need
But, I can’t do the same

When I can’t find the direction
You can be my compass
You always do everything for me
But, I can’t do anything without you

There is no word can describe how important you are
There is no praise can explain how beautiful you are

This poem is one of my phrase affection to my mother. This poem is dedicated to every mother in this world, and also to remind us that without our mother we can’t do anything and we can’t be in this world. Behind a success person there must be a wonderful mother.

PS: Thanks God for giving my mom to me.

Senin, 28 Maret 2016


Hello! My name is Ade Liana Nurrahmah but people just call me Adel, I'm a student at Jenderal Soedirman University. First of all, give thank to Allah for love and grace. Actually I don't know how to operate this blog well, but let's learn together!
In this blog I hope that I can improve my writing ability, and of course my grammar, but the most important thing is we can share informations each other.
The content of this blog are fictions and non fictions. The examples of fiction are poetry and short story. The examples of non fiction are movie review, book review, news article, local tourism, biography, investigation report, etc. That's all and thank you.