Senin, 11 April 2016

Movie Review (the Divergent Series: Allegiant)

Beatrice Pior (Shailene Woodly), Tobias Four (Theo James), Caleb Prior (Ansel Elgort), Peter Hayez (Miles Teller), Christina (Zoe Kravitz), David (Jeff Daniels), Evelyn (Naomi watts), Johanna Reyes (Octavia Spencer), Matthew (Bill Skarsgard), Juanita (Nadia Helker), Edgar (Jonny Weston) etc.

Soundtrack: “Scars” by Tove Lo

Genre: science fiction, adventure, romance

Director: Robert Schwentke

Cinematography: Florian Ballhouse

Running time: 120 minutes

Budget: $110 million

Box Office: $ 141.4 million

This film is the continuance after revolution in "Insurgent". Tris, Four, Tory, Caleb, Christina, Peter have to leave the city to find a solution for their embroiled city before the condition getting worse by toward to the wall, but there are high voltage electricity flow in the wall. Tory is killed by Edgar (Evelyn’s accomplice) when they were already on the top of the wall. Although Tory was died, this group have to continue their journey. When Edgar still chasing them until behind the wall in a field, suddenly there are some armed forces and kill Edgar then arrest them. The armed forces bring them into the Bureau of Genetika Welfare  who chaired by David.  Five of them were sterilized from radiation and they were taken to the barrack. At the first time they thought that in Bureau they will get a better life, but at the end Four managed to uncover that David and his soldiers hurt the children by make them forget all the memories in their brains. When Four told it to Tris she does not believe it because David told  her that her mom was a volunteer from Bureau and ask her to do the same thing like her mom did before to  save the people of Chicago. When David bring Tris to meet the councils, finally she knows that David is crafty. Four decides to back to the Chicago to stop the war between Evelyn’s side and Johanna’s side, he escapes from Bureau and he is helped by Metthew but Four caught by Evelyn’s soldier. Tris, Christina and Caleb back to Chicago to help Four and the people of Chicago but, Peter did not come with them because he traitorous and favoring to David. Tris, Four, Christina, Caleb managed to stop the release of gas busting memory that will erase memories the people of Chicago.

 Allegiant is a sequel from Insurgent Movie which based on the third novel from Veronica Ruth. This film was released on 18 March, 2016 The casts of this film is still the same like the two previous films. This film is distributed by Summit Entertainment (lions gate entertainment) as we know the previous film was by Lions gate which distributed the Hunger Games and the other incredible films. Most of films that distribute by Lions gate usually success.

In this film there are a lot of surprises, for examples: when they know that David is crafty, peter becomes a traitor again, they help Evelyn etc. A good film is the film which has unpredictable of the story. The visual effects of this film is quite amazing such as, the lighting, the fighter, the building, blood rain etc. The difference between Allegiant with the other series is there are more scenes drama between Trice and Four it is good for you who like this couple. Although the revenue from this film is not as much as the two previous films it does not mean that this film is not good, this film is worth to watch. For you fans of Divergent Series I recommend you to watch this film because there will be the last sequel of Divergent Series that will release on 2017 it is “the Ascendant”. I hope the next sequel will be satisfying even more satisfying than this film. Happy watching!

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