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SHORT STORY: Real or Unreal?

My name is Georgia but people just call me Gia. I am a student in Global Education senior high school, it one of outstanding school in London. I have 2 best friends, they are Alexa and Dior. We have been friends since elementary school and now we have already senior high school student,  we are always in the same school even in the same class. It is because my dad is the owner of all the schools that we attended. For your information that we have never been courting, but it does not mean that we are not pretty. I’ve ever been a winner in beauty contest, Dior has been a cover girl in one of teen magazine, and Alexa? She is a girl of Dutch and Indian descent, her mother is from Netherland and her father is from India, of course she is very pretty. We made a deal not to having boyfriend before graduating from high school.

(kriiiingg...kriiinggg... the bell is ringing, it’s time to break)

“Ohhh finally, this suffering ends! I’ve been starved for about two hours and I have to listen to the most boring teacher in this school!” Dior said. I and Alexa laugh, Dior always said that when physics lesson already completed. We go to the cafetaria shortly before she starts to talking like a parrot again.
We arrived in the cafetaria and we always sit in the same chair near the window. None of the students who dared to occupy our seats it is bacause I am the daughter of the owner in this school, yeah  right, I am little bit arrogant so there is no students who dare to me. But, who cares? I have everything that I need, I have two best friends, my life is very wealthy, and my parents always give everything that I want. It  is more than enough to me.

Hey I need a new dress for the inauguration of the restaurant that my daddy founded tonight, and  you guys have to accompany me after the school later” I said.

Wait..wait.. Accompany you? You know that there is no free in this world, I guess you know what I mean. Is it right? Alexa said, and followed by Dior’s laughter.

Well, these girls always do this to me when I ask them to accompany me to buy something, but I don’t mind. “Okay okay that’s fine! Each of you will get one dress, and you have to attend the inauguration too. By the way where should we go to buy it?” I said. Alexa advices us to go to the largest boutiqe in this city and we go there after the school.

(in inauguration party) all the invitees already come, including my two best friends and they wear the new dress which we bought today. “Check, check. Oh okay, thank you for your attention and I would like to say thank you so much to the invitees for taking your time to attend this event. In addition to the inauguration of this school I will announce that will inherit this restaurant and all my wealth is my own daughter, she is Georgia. Please come forward, my little girl.” My dad said. When I come forward to the stage suddenly my uncle Thomas come and surprise us because he is not included invited guest in this event. Actually, my uncle did not get along with my dad maybe that’s what caused him not invited and I hate him so much.

“Hallo Keane my lovely brother, it’s such a long time not to see you. I come here just want to remind you one thing. I announce that this girl is not worth to inherit all the wealth of my brother, because this girl is only an adopted child. More precisely, she is a maid’s child which ungrateful. She just wants to make my brother’s fortune alone, what a crafty you are.” Thomas said.

When I see my mom to ask the explanation she just nodding  her head and crying. Like my heart pierced with a knife, I can’t believe this is happened to me. I run out of the restaurant, I don’t care when my mom and dad call me. All I need now is back home and crying. After arrived at home, I go to my bedroom shortly and crying all night long till I fall asleep. The next day, I do not go to school. My mom knocked the door and I letting her go in, she tells everything about the truth.

“Honey, I think it’s time to you to know the truth about who exactly your parents. You are a maid’s child in this house, your mother was died when you were 6 months. Your mother had a mental disorder after your father left her and chose another woman when you were still in the womb of your mom.” Mom said

I  don’t even know what should I say, parents that I’ve been proud it turns out not my biological parents. I only a maid’s child who had a mental disorder. I hate my life! All I need now is my 2 best friends. I call Dior first, but there is no answer. Then I call Alexa but she rejects it, what’s going on with them? Ah, maybe they are too busy to answer my call, I will meet them tomorrow in the school. Next day in the school, yeah I decided to go to school today I don’t want to waste my tears anymore. It’s not as usual Dior and Alexa do not sit next to me, they sit in the back.

“Hey guys, where are you in two days? I’ve called you maybe 100 times in a day.” I said, but suddenly they go and leave me alone. I feel something wrong happened with them.
During the lessons I can’t stop to thinking about my 2 friends even when the break time they just go without speak anything to me. After school I wait for them in the parking lot to ask the explanation. They try to avoid me, but I managed to hold them. “we need to talk now, what exactly happened with you guys? After incident at the restaurant two days ago, both of you are totally different.” I said.

“Okay we will tell you the truth, we are not friends anymore. Do you think that a maid’s child deserve to be our friend?” Alexa said. “Oh my god Alexa, please!” Dior said. “No, we can’t hide this anymore, she has to know who she is now. We have been pretty patient to deal with her arrogant behavior, it is because we think that you are rich and a daughter from the owner of this school.” Alexa said.
How shock I am to hearing about Alexa explanation.  “Oh I see, for those of you friendship can be bought by money. Okay thank you for all the time that we spent together and thank you for have been fake friends to me. You both such a wily persons that I’ve ever met.” I said. I go to my car immediately as crying.

After the incident in parking lot i did not go to school again, I don’t want to see both of my ex friend anymore. I decided to ask my parents to send me to another school in a small village, although they initially objected I convince them that I will be alright finally, they agreed. I will start all over again. No more arrogant, no more fake friends, and no one should know about my real identity, they are not allow to know that I am a daughter of businessman who very rich. No, I mean, I just adopted child  of him. I am looking for a friend who earnestly wants to be friends with me no matter who I am how rich or poor I am.


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