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Book Review: Hujan by Tere Liye

Tittle                     : Hujan
Author                  : Tere Liye
Page                     : 320 pages
Publisher               : PT. Gramedia Pustaka Utama

Hujan is one of novel from Tere Liye, as we know Tere Liye is one of famous author in Indonesia. She has been wrote so many novels with different genres.

This novel recites about a girl (Lail) who comes to Nerve Center Hospital to erases her memory about rain. This novel tells about our life in (2042-2050) when technology has developed very advance. In this era there are cars which can fly, tablets which very thin (as thin as HVS paper), communication devices implanted in our hands, taxi which there is no driver (it can be drive by itself). When Lail 13 years old a big disaster happened, an old volcano erupt and it causing an earthquake measuring 10 on the richter scale and tsunami. When the disaster strikes Lail and her mother are in subway it’s her first day school. Lail, her mom, and the other victims run towards to the emergency stairs. As they were climbing the stairs, there was an aftershock. Her mother fall, and died. Fortunately, there is a boy 15 years old who catches Lail’s bag and  lifted upward  her body. The boy introduces his name, Esok. Esok experiencing similar thing with Lail, he has 4 brother and it’s their first time school too, but now they are died. They walk very far to Esok’s house, they hope Esok’s mother still alive. When they arrived, the condition of his house already collapse, but his mother still alive. They bring his mother to the hospital, unfortunately both her legs has to be amputated. Lail and Esok have to living in camps. In the camps they help the marines and volunteers, they live in the camps for several months, when the condition of the city is getting well, Esok has to be adopted by the Mayor and they should be separated because Lail also has to live in the Social Homes. In the Social Homes, Lail gets a roommate who very unique, she has frizzy hair, she is very cheerful, her name is Mariam.  Esok and Lail are busy with their own affairs, they just meet once in a month. In each meeting Esok always brings Lail to the emergency stair’s hole by his red’s bicycle, there are a lot of memories for them. Several years later, Esok has to move to the capital city, as he is accepted into one of the top university there. It means they can’t meet once a month, they can only meet once a year. The climate changes, the temperature in almost all over the world always decrease. Lail and Mariam become volunteers, beside of to helping people Lail becomes a volunteer also to forget about Esok who never contacts her. Several years later, Lail gets information that Esok will be graduated from his collage. Lail and Mariam going to the capital city to attend Esok’s graduation, but Lail feels upset when he goes there instead Esok ignores her. The next day Lail decided to go back home, but Esok already in train station to say sorry for ignored her in his graduation’s day. Lail and Mariam graduate from their school, and they decided to enter Nursing School. They are being good students there, they always get good marks and they managed to graduate from nursing school. Esok become a popular scientist and it makes them really hard to meet. One day, Esok meets Lail and tell them about what exactly happened with the earth. He told that the temperature in the earth will be always increase and it can be burn us, scientists includes him have been made 4 planes to go to the space. But each plane only carry 10.000 passengers. Esok has 2 tickets for it, but he doesn’t tell Lail who will get 1 ticket which Esok has. The mayor asks Lail to give her ticket that probably Esok’s gives to her , He asks Lail to give it for his daughter, Claudia. Lail doesn't know what she has to say. The next day, the Mayor thanks to her, he thought that Lail gives her ticket for Claudia. Even Esok doesn’t tell anything about ticket, Lail really upset and jealous she thought that Esok and Claudia left her by that plane. Lail goes to the Nerve Center Hospital to erases her sad memories include memory about Esok. Mariam has been tried to stop her, but she ignores it. Mariam calls Esok and tells him about it, Esok doesn’t know what exactly happened and he tells that he gives the tickets for Claudia and her Mother. Esok goes to the hospital immediately to stop Lail, he managed to stop Lail and tells the truth about it. Several times later Lail and Esok get married.


This novel is really attractive. Honestly, when I first read this novel I get bored for I thought this story only about 2 children who survived from disaster and they will become siblings. But I was wrong, this novel is not only about it. This novel tells the story of love, friendship, loyalty, and sacrifice. I really like the part when Mariam and Lail have to run for about 50km to inform one of village that the dams will collapse soon and ask the people there to move to the safer place, how can two teenagers  do that? Even they don’t think about their safety. This novel is educated enough. Why I can say that? Because there are some parts which tell about how climate can be change because of human actions, and the impacts of disaster. This novel also teaches us to not give up even in the worse condition, we have to face it and keep going. So, I recommend you to read this novel, I guarantee that this novel is different than the others.

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